Dental Fillings
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Restore Decayed Teeth With Fillings

Tooth decay affects almost every dental patient at some point in their lives. Even if you take great care of your smile and get regular preventive care, you may end up with a cavity, and require a dental filling. At Downey Park Family Dental, Dr. Corey Acree can restore your smile with a durable, natural composite filling, and protect your oral health for years to come. Learn more below, or contact us for an appointment in Modesto.

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Composite Fillings

At our Modesto dental office, we only use composite fillings to restore your smile. Unlike metal amalgam fillings, these fillings do not contain any mercury or other metals. They are made from a unique blend of dental resin that is designed to match the natural appearance of your tooth.

This provides better overall aesthetic results when filling a tooth, which is particularly important when treating the front teeth. Your filling will look completely natural, unlike a metal-amalgam filling, which may cause grayish discoloration. 

Composite fillings also bond very tightly to your tooth, and require minimal preparation for placement, which helps keep the tooth strong and healthy for years to come. For these reasons, we only use composite fillings at Downey Park Family Dental to provide better results.

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What Can I Expect
From The Process?

The process of a dental filling usually takes less than an hour, and is completely non-invasive at our Modesto office. To begin the process, Dr. Acree will clean the decayed tooth and the surrounding areas, and administer a numbing shot to ensure that you do not feel any pain or discomfort.

Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Acree will drill away decayed and damaged enamel from the tooth, preparing it for your filling. After the tooth has been prepared, he will apply the composite resin to your tooth layer-by-layer. Each layer will be sculpted and hardened with a UV light to restore the natural shape and appearance of your smile.

Once the filling has been completed, you’ll bite down on some special paper so that Dr. Acree can check your bite. He may adjust the filling further to make sure it fits perfectly. Once your bite looks good, you’ll be sent home with your newly-restored tooth, and you can resume your normal day-to-day routine. Don't forget to ask about our dental membership plan to see how you can save on dental treatment!

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