What Should I Do If I Chip A Tooth? Everything You Need To Know

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If you’ve chipped your tooth in Modesto, you may be wondering what you need to do to protect your oral health and restore your smile. So in this blog from Downey Park Family Dental, we’ll explore the steps you should take right after you chip a tooth, as well as some of your options for restoring your chipped tooth. Let’s get started.

What Should I Do After I Chip My Tooth? 5 Steps To Protect Your Smile

It’s important to know what to do when you chip a tooth. Here are our recommendations to preserve your tooth and reduce the risk of further complications after you chip your tooth in Modesto. 

  1. Rinse out your mouth – Rinsing out your mouth removes food particles, debris, blood, and other potential contaminants from your mouth.

  2. Recover the tooth chips, if possible – If you can, recovering the chipped pieces of your tooth may help Dr. Acree repair your tooth. Put the chips in a small bag or container of cold milk to keep them moist. Don’t spend too much time looking, though. There are plenty of other ways to repair your tooth without the broken fragments.

  3. Call Downey Park Family Dental – Give us a call at (209) 529-0674 to tell us that you chipped a tooth. We always have space for same-day emergency appointments, so we’ll fit you in for a consultation with Dr. Acree as soon as we can.

  4. Treat your pain & discomfort – If you’re bleeding, you can use clean gauze or cotton balls to absorb blood. We also recommend taking some over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen to help with your pain. Putting a cold pack on the cheek near your broken tooth can also relieve pain and swelling.

  5. Come to our office ASAP – You need to see Dr. Acree as soon as you can for permanent treatment, so don’t delay. Come to our emergency dental office in Modesto to get the care you need. 

How Will My Chipped Tooth Be Repaired At The Dentist?

This depends on how seriously your tooth was damaged and a few other factors. The most common treatments for a chipped tooth in Modesto include:

  • Dental bondingDental bonding uses tooth-like dental resin to reshape your tooth and cover up the chip. This treatment is appropriate for most minor chips, and is very fast and affordable.

  • Veneers – Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are very strong and durable, and may be recommended for minor to moderate chips.

  • Dental crowns – A crown may be recommended if you have a deep chip or crack in your tooth. Crowns cover up and replace the entire tooth, providing superior protection for your remaining enamel.

  • Root canal therapy – A root canal may be needed to disinfect the inside of the tooth if Dr. Acree suspects that it has become infected after your tooth was chipped. Usually, you’ll also need to get a dental crown after your tooth is treated with root canal therapy.

Get The Emergency Dental Care You Need In Modesto From Dr. Corey Acree

Not sure what to do if you chipped a tooth? At Downey Park Family Dental, we’re proud to serve our patients in Modesto with same-day emergency dental care. If you have a chipped tooth or any other issue that you think needs immediate treatment, don’t wait. Contact us at (209) 529-0674 to get a same-day appointment right away.

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