How Teeth Grinding Causes Dental Issues

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Teeth grinding, also called Bruxism, is something many people do occasionally. When this becomes a recurrent habit, however, it can cause great damage. It can happen during sleep, but also while awake. Most people are not aware they have a problem until the first signs show. These can include jaw pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity, damaged enamel, and even gum recession.

How can Bruxism affect your oral health and what can you do about it? Let's find out! 

What Dental Issues Can Bruxism Cause?

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can impact not only your oral health but your general health too. That's because this habit can affect the quality of your sleep and your well-being too. 

Let's see why Bruxism can cause dental issues. 

1. Damaged Teeth

Intense grinding can affect the enamel and cause it to chip. In fact, this is often the first sign of Bruxism. The constant pressure can lead to fractures, loose teeth, cracks, and even tooth loss. It can affect both natural and restored teeth.

2. Jaw Disorder

Clenching and grinding not only put a lot of pressure on your teeth, but your jaw as well. In time, this habit can cause damage to the jawline, neck, and even shoulders and lead to temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The effects of TMD can affect most aspects of your oral health, such as your ability to chew, bite, or talk. 

3. Gum Recession

The clenching and grinding of your teeth can cause them to shift. As this happens, your gums are also being pulled, making it easier for bacteria to enter your gums and cause infection. 

4. Facial and Neck Pain 

When you clench your teeth for long periods, you will start feeling pain around your ears, neck, and even your shoulders. This happens because of the pressure you put on your jaw when you clench and grind your teeth. 

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Bruxism does not only affect your teeth, and it is important to visit a professional to solve any current problems and avoid future complications.

Each patient is different and has different reasons that led to bruxism in the first place. It is important to start the care and reverse any damage before more is caused.

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