How Dental Implants Support Jawbone Health

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Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone, and serve as the “root” for an artificial tooth. This procedure is a restorative dental treatment for patients that are missing one or several teeth. 

But what do your missing teeth have to do with your jawbone? Why are implants so crucial to the health of your jawbone? 

Let's find out! 

How Missing Teeth Affect Jawbone Health 

Your jawbone is stimulated and reinforced by your teeth's regular activities, such as eating, talking, chewing, and so on. The roots play an essential role in this equation as they are the ones stimulating the jawbone. 

By talking, biting, and chewing, there is continuous stimulation from the external part of the tooth to the roots and then to the jawbone.

When you have had a missing tooth for too long, the jawbone stops being stimulated, which can lead to its resorption. 

Without support, your jawbone will start losing density and volume, becoming weaker. This will also affect your facial structure as the muscles are no longer supported, either by the teeth or the jawbone. Jawbone loss without a dental implant is very common and can cause further health issues if untreated.

How Can a Dental Implant Help?

If you've been missing a tooth for a long time, then you can't just get an implant and consider the problem fixed. Because the jawbone already lost so much density, the implant won't be able to bond with the bone. So, the first thing your dentist will do is to strengthen your jawbone. 

They can do it through a process known as bone grafting where artificial or donor bone will be attached to the existing jawbone to provide a solid base for the implant.  

A bone graft will restore the jaw, offering a strong, quality bone to support the implants. Dental implants can help address bone loss and prevent further damage from occurring.

How Dental Implants Support Jawbone Health

With a dental implant, your jawbone will start being stimulated again. That, in turn, can help boost its strength, density, and volume.  

Not only does the dental implant help you restore your oral health by providing an aesthetic benefit, but it also helps restore the health of your jawbone, preventing bone density loss and other health problems in the long run. Jawbone loss without a dental implant is a recipe for disaster and it's imperative that missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible.

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