Chipped A Crown? Here’s What To Do!

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Dental crowns are made of strong and durable porcelain ceramic materials. But it’s still possible for dental crowns to chip or break due to dental trauma, teeth grinding, or biting non-food objects. So, what should you do if you chip or break your crown? Find out now in this blog from Downey Park Family Dentistry, as we discuss the steps you should take to protect your oral health.

1. Determine The Extent Of Damage To Your Crown

First, it’s a good idea to take a look at your crown to see the size and severity of the chip. Generally speaking, you can wait a day or two to get your crown repaired if the chip is small and is not causing you any pain or discomfort. Still, it’s important to have your crown repaired as soon as you can.

However, if the chip is deep, has jagged edges, and is causing you any kind of pain or discomfort, you need to get your crown repaired or replaced ASAP. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that other complications such as a tooth infection could occur.

2. Call Downey Park Family Dentistry To Schedule An Appointment

No matter the extent of damage to your crown, you need to get it repaired as soon as you can. Repairing your crown restores your tooth, prevents further complications, and gives you peace of mind. So don’t wait. Give Downey Park Dental a call at (209) 529-0674 to speak with our team. Tell us a bit about your situation, and we’ll fit you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

3. Deal With Pain, Discomfort, And Bleeding (If Applicable)

If you’re in pain due to a chipped or broken crown, you may want to go to the drugstore to pick up some dental wax. You can cover up the chipped area of your crown with dental wax, which will cover any sharp edges and help reduce sensitivity in the underlying tooth or sharpness to your lip or tongue.

You can also take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or naproxen, or use a topical medicine like Orajel to help with pain. Icing the outside of your mouth near your chipped crown can also help with pain.

If there is some bleeding coming from the affected tooth, this means that the underlying tooth and crown have been seriously damaged. Same-day emergency treatment would be strongly recommended in this case. But until your appointment, you can use clean gauze or a cotton ball to absorb any blood.

4. Come To Downey Park Family Dentistry For Crown Repair Or Replacement

A chipped or broken crown isn’t something you can correct on your own. So make sure to come to Downey Park Family Dentistry as scheduled for your appointment. We offer same-day emergency dental care in Modesto in most instances, and Dr. Corey Acree  will ensure you get the treatment you need.

Depending on the extent of damage to your crown and tooth, it may be possible to simply repair your current crown. In some cases, Dr. Acree may need to remove it and prepare a new crown for you. If your crown is removed, Dr. Acree will replace it with a temporary tooth-like restoration to protect your tooth for a short amount of time as our in-house dental lab fabricates your new crown, designed especially for your mouth. 

Worried About A Damaged Crown? Contact Downey Park Family Dentistry Right Away!

At Downey Park Family Dentistry, we’re always ready to provide emergency dental care in Modesto. If you chip or damage your crown or any other dental work, Dr. Acree can repair your tooth, get you out of pain, and prevent any further complications. So don’t wait. Give us a call at (209) 529-0674 to schedule a consultation, or contact us online if you have any questions or need more information about our office.

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