Can Dental Crowns Be Repaired? 

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Getting a dental crown is sometimes necessary when there is extensive damage to the natural tooth because of an injury, crack, or even tooth decay. While the tooth itself is not pulled out of its socket, the crown will go over on top to protect the natural tooth.

Unfortunately, crowns are not indestructible, so even with the right at-home oral hygiene, they can crack, chip, and even break. But can a dental crown be repaired? Or do you need to get a new one?

What Can Damage a Dental Crown?

After getting a dental crown, your Modesto dentist will tell you about the importance of oral hygiene and caring for the crown just as you would a natural tooth. That means brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing, and seeing the dentist routinely for a professional cleaning.

But even if you do all of this, there are still some things that can damage the dental crowns to various extents:

  • Wear and tear
  • Injuries
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tooth decay underneath the crown
  • Eating hard foods regularly
  • Normal deterioration after 10-15 years

To get a crown, your dentist will have to shave much of your natural tooth to create the perfect surface for this prosthetic to properly bond, so it is considered a permanent dental procedure. This means that if the crown is damaged, you will need to get it replaced, as the natural tooth underneath will not have full function anymore.

How to Fix a Dental Crown

Whether a dental crown can be repaired generally depends on the extent of the damage. If your crown is slightly chipped, then your dentist will apply a resin over the affected area to prevent the chip from damaging the integrity of the dental crown.

The resin material will match the color of the dental crown, so you do not have to worry about any visible spots on your teeth. If your crown has a larger chip or is even cracked from a dental emergency, then unfortunately the only solution you have is to get it replaced.

A natural tooth that is cracked or severely chipped could be fixed using dental bonding, but this procedure isn’t really appropriate for dental crowns, so your dentist will most likely recommend getting a new one. The process itself works just like the first time around, by taking a mold of the tooth and sending it to a lab to have a crown custom-made for you.

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