5 Myths About Dental Sedation – Busted!

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Dental sedation has been used to help patients get care in comfort for decades. But over the years, a few different myths about dental sedation have become widespread. So in this blog, the team at Downey Park Family Dental will discuss some of the most common myths, and help you separate fact from fiction.

1. There’s Only One Type Of Sedation

This is not true. In fact, there are three common types of dental sedation used at the dentist, as follows:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation – Also known as “laughing gas,” this method of sedation uses a comfortable nose mask to send nitrous oxide and oxygen into your lungs. This helps you feel calm and relaxed during your appointment.

  • Oral conscious sedation – Oral conscious sedation uses liquid or pill-based sedatives. They will make you feel very groggy and sleepy. You may forget your appointment or even sleep through it. This is a great option for complex dental treatments.

  • IV sedation – IV sedation uses the same drugs as oral conscious sedation. However, they're sent through an IV needle. This means they bypass the digestive system. The sedative starts to work faster, and typically has more deeper effects, too. You’ll sleep through your entire appointment. You won’t be unconscious, though. It will be possible to wake you up, and you can still respond to commands.

We offer both nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation for patients at Downey Park Family Dental. 

2. Sedation Can Only Be Used For Major Oral Surgeries

It’s true that most patients opt for sedation for things like tooth extractions and root canals. But sedation can be provided for just about any dental treatment. For example, if you have severe dental anxiety, Dr. Acree can provide sedation during a filling, or even during a routine teeth cleaning and oral exam.

We want to make you comfortable at our office, which is why you have the option to get sedation during almost any treatment. As long as you’re a good candidate for sedation dentistry, Dr. Acree is happy to help!

3. Sedation Isn’t Safe For Kids

This is not true. All methods of sedation are safe for kids. Though nitrous oxide is the most popular since it requires no pills or needles, kids can also get oral conscious sedation or IV sedation. We offer sedation for healthy patients of all ages at Downey Park Family Dental.

4. You Need To Take The Day Off To Be Sedated At The Dentist

This is a myth! Nitrous oxide sedation is an option at our office, and it lets you get sedation while avoiding the need to take an entire day off of work. Nitrous oxide wears off after about only 5 minutes. It’s completely safe to drive yourself home, or even go back to school or work after your appointment.

However, deeper levels of sedation like oral sedation and IV sedation will require someone to drive you to and from the office. You won’t be able to drive, and we recommend against going back to work or school after your appointment.

5. Everyone Is A Good Candidate For Dental Sedation

This is not necessarily true. Almost everyone can be sedated at the dentist, but there are a few exceptions. Your dentist may advise against sedation if you’re pregnant, if you have allergies to certain medications, or if you have respiratory health problems, for example.

To make sure that you’re a good candidate for sedation at Downey Park Family Dental, Dr. Acree will ask for information about your health history, medications and supplements you’re taking, and more. This ensures you only get sedation if it’s safe for your situation. 

Interested In Sedation Dentistry? Come To Downey Park Family Dental To Learn More! 

Sedation dentistry is an excellent choice for patients of all ages who may be anxious about dental care. And at Downey Park Family Dental, Dr. Corey Acree is here to help. To learn more about sedation and see if it’s right for you, just contact us online or give us a call at (209) 529-0674 to schedule a consultation. 

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